At The Tramshed we are

focused on minimising our

environmental footprint

Especially considering our close proximity to wildlife, and our beautiful Narrabeen lake system and local pristine beaches.

Our Promise

At The Tramshed Cafe we will continue to focus on ways to reduce our footprint on our local environment and seek our customer’s support in this process.

Some of the Environmental initiatives that we have already adopted include:
  • In the event of takeaways, we stock BioPak Green packaging, which is certified carbon neutral and after use can be recycled or commercially composted.
  • We only provide paper straws and are a member site on “The Last Straw” campaign.
  • We have selected and invested in equipment that reduces the use of single use plastic packaging – e.g. virtually no plastic milk bottles used on site.
  • We compost our coffee grinds and vegetable scraps as much as possible and offer these free for local gardens.
  • We recycle as much packaging as possible from our production process
  • We collect single use drink bottles which are recycled as part of the Government’s Return & Earn initiative
  • We consciously support local supplier’s, where possible to reduce reliance on freight.